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December 7, 2017
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Hellraiser Anthology Volume 1 by Daniele Serra – Mini Poster
December 15, 2017
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Tom Holland – eBook Bundle


This bundle contains 4 short stories by Tom Holland.

Daryl told her they couldn’t do it. He just hadn’t been raised to steal. However, Anja, the woman he desired most in the world, disagreed with him. She also had one of the robber’s dropped pistols in her hand. Blowing him a kiss, she started to pull the trigger and he dived for cover, realizing his marriage was over, and, if he didn’t figure something out quick, so was his life.

Paulie bought the voodoo doll from the peddler as a goof. Make a wish, he said, any wish and it will come true. Paulie didn’t believe him, the doll
was just a way of blowing off steam, so when he wished Tina, his bitch of a wife, would just disappear, he didn’t expect anything to happen. And then it began.

Suzie 69
Oliver couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so damn beautiful he could hardly believe she was naked in bed with him. She looked late twenties, had silky blond hair, smooth white skin, shiny blue eyes, and sparkling white teeth. The only thing that told you she wasn’t human was the touch pad,
built into the back of her neck, but thankfully it was hidden by the fall of her hair.

The Boy
All they talked about in the Barrio was The Boy. He touched you and you were rid of whatever ailed you. Audie Cardozo thought he was just a legend, until, he grabbed a strange kid off the street. He was deaf and dumb, but he looked the part. Audie thought he could use him in a scam, only to find out he was The Boy and he could cure any sickness. That’s when Audie’s problems really began.

This collection of 4 books are all in ePub format. Upon completion of purchase, a download link will be sent with all 4 ePub files contained in a Zip file.