Child's Play: A Visual Memoir by Tom Holland, Hardcover (Autographed by Tom Holland)

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Learn how of the whole story began and the journey it took to the silver screen... Child's Play: A Visual Memoir is a must have for any Chucky fan.

Child's Play: A Visual Memoir is a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the horror classic Child's Play. Many of these images have never been released to the public before and they are accompanied by stories from the set by writer/director Tom Holland, legendary cinematographer Bill Butler, FX maestro Howard Berger, and stunt coordinator Bud Davis. Chris Sarandon provides an intro to the book and Alex Vincent adds and afterward.  

In addition, the book contains Tom's original treatment of for Child's Play so fans can experience the journey from conception to the set. The treatment had been considered "lost" for many years and was only recently rediscovered among a collection of Tom's previously unpublished works.