"How To Scare A Monster" Children's Book By Tom Holland and Dustin Warburton

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Leonard Charles Vincent just can't sleep. There s something in his closet! Tom Holland, creator of Fright Night and Child's Play, invites you to join little Leonard on a spookily fun journey through bumps and thumps as he confronts and befriends his greatest fear. Says Holland of the 33-page book, “Horror fans and friends alike kept asking me if I knew a good story to introduce their kids to scary monsters and stories. I didn’t. So I decided to write one. You can’t exactly start the kids off with Child’s Play or Fright Night.”

Fright Night and Child’s Play filmmaker Tom Holland turns his attention to children’s books with the release of How to Scare a Monster!, an illustrated hardback co-authored by Dustin Warburton and available now via publishers Baker & Taylor, A Follet Company.

by Tom Holland (Author), Dustin Warburton (Author), Lenny K. (Illustrator)